If You’ve Been Struggling to Generate at least $50k a Year
(or More) as an Online Marketer, Then…

This is The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

That You've Been Looking For

to Fast-Track Your Online Success!

Perhaps, like me, you’ve bought several books, manuals, and home study courses on becoming a successful Internet Marketer in the past.  

Maybe you have even reached for your calculator to see what it would mean to your income level if you had 200-300 people (or more) paying you a monthly fee to access a membership site or download your flagship digital product – I’ve done this more than once!

The Income Potential For You

  • A significant advantage of being an Online Marketer is  that you can run your business anywhere in the world.
  • What you must do is have your OWN product. In this case, a book to publish, making you an instant Information Publisher!
  • And that's how most successful Online Marketers succeed — they have their OWN PRODUCT to promote, keep all the money — and even have affiliates worldwide who will sell that product, too, making even more income for YOU!
  • Without what I've called 'The Missing Piece of the Puzzle,’  it can become a frustrating and futile experience … trying to build up a business like this into your ‘dream business.’

Trying To Figure Everything Out

On Your Own Is Hard Work

If that sounds familiar…  Or you’ve been struggling to get your online projects to the level you have been striving for, you’ll be pleased to know it’s not your fault. 

A few ‘ puzzle pieces’ may be missing from your overall business plan


Think of it like this: Whenever you decide to start solving a jigsaw puzzle, you can do a few things FIRST to ensure the rest of the puzzle falls into place over time.

For example, if you prioritize finding the corner pieces, move on to find all the other edge pieces… You can start to build a solid framework

… only then do you start sorting through all the other pieces of the puzzle and putting them into place.

The Information Publishing business works in much the same way.

With this exception:

Instead of just 4-corner pieces… (or cornerstones)

I’ve discovered 8 of them…

And, if any of these EIGHT foundational cornerstones is missing from your business activities, this is the sole reason why you’ve not yet been able to get your business to the $50k+ a year level you want.

Not having each of these eight cornerstones in place is what is holding most people back from being successful.

So, if you’re frustrated that you’ve not yet broken through to the $50k/year level just yet…

… or, you’re like the overwhelming majority of ‘newbies’ to the world of Information Publishing who continue to try and work things out on their own … only to waste too much time and money… and then consider calling it quits before realizing their dream.

So, Listen Now.

All. That. Stops. Today.

Because you don’t have to suffer any longer.  

Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or a veteran who wants to learn how to work less while getting better results, you can now discover the foundational cornerstones that make up ‘ The Missing Piece of the Puzzle’  for a successful information publishing business. 

For the first time today, you can ensure you include all the ‘magic ingredients’ that every piece of information publishing eight of the ‘cornerstones’ you need for your business to become as successful and profitable as possible.

Knowing these ‘cornerstones’ and implementing them into your Information Publishing projects could be all it takes to start turning your existing business into your $100k+ a year  ‘dream business’ … 

…To finally have a business that you love, which makes money for you and genuinely helps other people.

So, What’s The Deal For This New
Missing Piece of the Puzzle Course?

Surprisingly a lot, lot less than I bet you’re thinking of right now.

In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised … I guarantee it.

Before I tell you, however, I should let you know about something else I include with the course, with my compliments, when you securely request and download your copy today.

A Free Special Bonus Report Worth $100 Or More…

When I put The Missing Piece of the Puzzle course together, I wanted to do a great job. I wanted to give you something that would help you become as successful as possible in the shortest amount of time… and I honestly think I have succeeded.

But, as someone who always wants to ‘under promise and over deliver’ (as I teach you in the course)… I started thinking about how else I could add more value to this fantastic opportunity for you to reach your goals faster.

I have come up with the perfect idea!

So along with The Missing Piece of the Puzzle course, I will also give you access to an extra special report entitled: “How to Become a Dominant Force in Your Niche and Create Products Your Customers Love.”

Imagine for a moment… You’re the king or queen of your chosen market… Your customers adore your products… Your prospects hang onto your every word…

And even your most significant competitors respect you and stand in line ‘hammering on your door’ to Joint Venture and help launch your products with you.

Now let me ask: If you had this sort of influence in your market… if customers snatched up every product you released without question – if super affiliates wanted to JV with you… how profitable do you think that would be for you?

You can crunch various numbers on your calculator all day, but we know the short answer to that question: it would be VERY profitable. 

So how about I also show you how to do just that?… In just 

Missing Piece - Bonus

Order your copy of The Missing Piece of the Puzzle today, and you will also discover how to master a three-simple step process that can position you at the very top of your niche market and give you a seriously unfair advantage over your competitors (no matter how established they feel they are).

Then, before closing out this extra special 50-page report, you will also discover my ‘secret six’ elements, which, once in place, will prevent anyone from being able to quickly knock you off ‘the top spot’ in your niche.

This is truly exciting information I have never shared before.

The information in this special report it’s not available anywhere else, but if it was… I’d price it at $100 or more. 

The information this special report contains is that valuable.

But right now, you can get it with my compliments completely free when you secure your download access to The Missing Piece of the Puzzle today.

Okay, Bryan, How Much Is
The Missing Piece of the Puzzle?

This is the part where you’re about to be pleasantly surprised.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle is just $27.

That’s right. For less than thirty bucks, you can download and dive into the entire Missing Piece of the Puzzle course…

Together with the high-value bonus report How to Become a Dominant Force in Your Niche and Create Products Your Customers Love

All for just $27.

Request your copy today, and you can instantly see how to create a workable plan that generates more and more value and benefits for your customers… and more and more profits for your business.  

That’s the best WIN-WIN opportunity ever.

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100 Percent Guarantee

Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

To give you the reassurance you need to trust me and my ability to deliver everything I have promised you here on this page, I’d like to offer you a complete total satisfaction money-back guarantee. 

It’s quite a simple guarantee, by the way…

You can just read through the guide and implement what you are shown. You can experience first-hand results with each of the principles you are introduced to.

If afterward, you don’t think you can grow your business as a direct result of what you are shown, okay, just let me know WITHIN 30 DAYS, and I’ll immediately refund your purchase in full.

So just let me know if it’s not for you, and I’ll refund you immediately and then send you an email confirmation when it has been done.
That’s a 100% GUARANTEE!

Furthermore, even if you do decide to request a refund for the main The Missing Piece of the Puzzle course, you are free to keep the special bonus report How to Become a Dominate Force in Your Niche and Create Products Your Customers Love with my compliments…

All for just looking at this fantastic new course and saying, ‘Maybe.’

It will be yours with my compliments, whatever you decide.

At the very worst, even if you decided The Missing Piece of the Puzzle wasn’t for you after reading it through, you’d still end up with a fantastic bonus report explaining how to dominate your niche.

In other words, I've REMOVED all the risk for you. How's that?

To get started, request your copy of The Missing Piece of the Puzzle by clicking the button below now…

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P.S. Do you like helping other people?  Do you like working your own hours from your own home?  Do you like making money? Do you want to have that dream business? Then you’re going to love The Missing Piece of the Puzzle. 

P.P.S. If you want to generate a six or seven-figure income and begin living the lifestyle and enjoying the freedom that you dreamt about when you decided to start your Information Publishing business, you cannot afford to miss having The Missing Piece of the Puzzle working for you in your business ASAP.

Get your copy now.

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