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If you Wondered HOW the Successful PLR Creators & Marketers Build Their PLR Business to Sky-High Success, THIS is HOW They Do It!

This is an Invitation to my Audience and Readers, and to a Selected Number of Customers.

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  • 6-Week Full Workshop • Not just a "course".
  • The 7-Step PLR Product Creation Formula
  • 100% One-Time Fee
  • Chad can PROMOTE your products to HIS customer LIST!
  • 12-MONTH Money-Back Guarantee!

100 Percent Money-Back Guarantee!

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PLR Startup

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Chad Eljisr

From Chad Eljisr, the Creator 


Hi, I'm Chad with a PRIVATE message that I wrote for Bryan Toder's readers.

Several viewers or readers asked him, "How can I become a successful PLR producer?", and he came to me because he's learned PLR success from my programs.

My answer to you — and my answer has always been — work, perseverance, consistency and a strong motivation that you want to make things happen.


What if I told you I created a 6-week workshop where I can share with you everything I know about creating and launching PLR products, and building a profitable email list of customers?

Would you like to find out?

Here's the deal... I launched over 20 PLR products in the last couple of years, and 6 more are in the work till the end of this year. 

I also coached several one-on-one customers, helping them launch one or more PLR offers - and still more important, helping them start their online business, quit their job and become full-time marketers.

So I kind of know what works NOW when we are talking about creating and selling PLR products.

Here are a Few of My Recent PLR Launches —
Chad's Previous Products
Huw Hughes Testimonial

Continuing from Chad...

I want to warn you though that this is NOT a $17 product; actually, it's going to be a $497 investment once I roll out the initial launch, and take it through the affiliate webinar circuit. And it's going to be a bargain even at this price point.

But you won't have to pay that amount!

Starting now and for the next few days, I am re-opening the doors to my workshop at an EARLY ADOPTER price of only $297!

This is a PRIVATE invitation for this group only — and for a selected number of my customers list.

Here's what you get:
  • Six-Week full immersion workshop and training where I share my system to make a full-time income as a PLR producer.

  • My 7-Step PLR Product Creation Formula: This is my proprietary system that will help you create a successful PLR offer FAST — even if you don't have writing skills.

  • I will also reveal to you which niches are in demand, and what kind of content sells like hot bread — even if you are a total newbie.

  • My PLR Sales Letter Blueprint: No need to struggle to create your Sales Letter because I will hand you my exact copywriting templates!

  • You get exclusive one-on-one email and FB message access to me for the next 3 months, where you can ask me any questions related to your PLR projects.

  • How to build your reputation in 90 days and get affiliates on board. There is no shortcut here, and I share with you the steps you should follow to start getting affiliates on board — even if nobody heard about you till now.

  • My JV Page Blueprint and the deadly mistake you should avoid if you want to make sure affiliates will come on board.

  • If you follow my training and create your PLR offer following my blueprint and produce quality PLR content, I will promote your offer to my list (in the IM or Self Development niche)!

  • I will share with you my very own PLR Outsourcing Secret Rolodex. I will reveal who you can work with to create for you the content, the graphics, etc.

  • Access to me through a private FB group dedicated exclusively for the customers of this program where you can ask any questions, find accountability partners, JV partners, plus weekly hot seats and case studies.

  • An Incredible 12 Month Money-Back Guarantee! That's how sure I am that this workshop will make a difference in your online business!

  • And, there is much, MUCH more. This will become my second signature program and I want to make sure I have as many success stories as possible.

As you see there is no sales page except this page from Bryan. No hype. This is as real as it gets.

That's why you are getting this low, low EARLY ADOPTER price. I know, you are taking a leap of faith here, and if you followed me for a while, you know that I am the real deal.

Participation is extremely limited. There is no false scarcity.

Once I roll out my training program with a proper launch, price will go up.

If this is interesting and a good fit for you, click on the link above and lock-in your $297 EARLY ADOPTER discount.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you are not completely happy with your purchase, simply contact Chad for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

My personal note...

Hi, I spent a TON of money (TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars!), traveled to meet the "gurus", bought a TON of courses, mentorships... *sigh*

Right?! And, maybe you've done that, too.

After TEN YEARS of failing at this online business thing, I got my "act together and I started making SALES after a few weeks. Then after a few MONTHS, I started MAKING REAL MONEY. (Now, I am closing in on $200 a day in sales.)

My customers, viewers, and subscribers trust me because I KNOW what you're going through now.

Bryan Toder