Internet Marketing Guru Scams & Their Products


(These are not ALL of them...)Philip Borrowman (my Mentor and friend), Arun Chandran, Chad Eljisr, Jen Perdew Houlk, David Perdew, Liz Tomey, Nick, James, Sharyn Sheldon, Paul Evans, Tiffany Rae Lambert, Chris Bloor, Adam Payne, Kevin Fahey, Mark Hess, Ray Edwards, Charles Harper, JayKay Dowdall, Connie Ragen Green, Jimmy D. Brown, Ian Pribyl, and many more.That list is just to show that there ARE good people in this business.

Just watch out for the SIGNS that I explain in THIS video and avoid the Internet Marketing Guru Scams! AND, if you relate to this, contact me and let's talk about it!

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