The DINA Method

Finally, You Can Create Your Own eCourses —
In LESS Than 1 Hour!

Use my Easy Step-by-Step course — no writing or being "creative".

Watch this SHORT 4 min, 51 Second Video:
  • Beginner-Friendly & Simple To Use
  • No expensive equipment to buy.
  • 100% Scalable, Honest & Evergreen
  • 100% One-Time Fee.
  • 100% Custom & 100% USEFUL Bonuses!
  • Truly, you can make a great eCourse in under an hour!

Your BONUSES are Included, Too!

For over TEN YEARS, I kept searching, buying, asking, and looking for the secret to making money onlineand it was always a disappointment.

UNTIL I was taught that you need your OWN online courses... you can:

  • When you sell your own coursesyou get 100 percent of the profit!
  • Other people (affiliates) who can sell YOUR products.
  • Instead of buying OTHERS' products & courses, YOU are now one of the ones where people are buying from YOU!

(So, what is D.I.N.A.?)

It means "Do it now already!" — Meaning... everyone (including me) has bought, read, tried, bought more, watched... and wanted to make a living, but never really did it!

In the D.I.N.A. Method, I made it for the creation of your own product SO EASY — that you can make your first course within an HOUR — so... do it NOW, already!  You'll see how easy this is. — Bryan

Bryan Toder
The DINA Method

The D.I.N.A. is ideal for any beginner marketer

who is not making money online. 

You get clear instructions on implementing this strategy that removes so many obstacles.

Who is this for?
  • If you are suffering with INFORMATION OVERLOAD.
  • You know what to do, but you can’t figure out how to combine all the pieces... and you never get started.
  • If you're watching everyone ELSE creating a course and making money..
  • If you can't (or don't want to) write or know how to create a course.
  • You want to (finally) make money online.
  • You don't know where or HOW to begin.
  • You're watching everyone ELSE creating a course and making money — and it's about time YOU'RE doing that now!
  • YOU want to be in control of your life and your income!

These are some my REAL courses from using the D.I.N.A. Method

When You Think You Have a Terrible Voice
Your Perfect Time Management in Minutes
Trance & Grow Rich
The Most Expensive Fear Course

"Follow me. This is how I did it. Now, so can YOU!

— Bryan Toder

What Do You Get?

The DINA Method

Enroll Now to Get Your Amazing BONUSES!

The EIGHT Amazing Modules

This is a simple strategy that is proven to work. Beginner-friendly and very quick to implement. Every module will show you — click-for-click with clear instructions — how to create an online course and grow your business...

...within an hour!


Module 1: Fast & Easy Info Products You Can Make

All of the ways to MAKE MONEY with your OWN products & courses you can make with The D.I.N.A. Method.

Also, how to stop procrastinating, and start taking REAL action with your first product or course!


Module 2: Strategy for the Super-Rapid D.I.N.A. Method

This 3-part module gives you an in-depth analysis of exactly how this strategy works.

You will understand the THREE parts of the Super-Rapid D.I.N.A. Method — so you can create your products FAST and EASY!


Module 3: D.I.N.A. and...?

In this module, I'll show my secret method you can use that's even FASTERwhere you can make a new product every WEEK if you want! 

Imagine... you can make and own a dozen or more products that people will BUY!


Module 4: If you are at "Zero," I'll show you EXACTLY what to do.

No problem; we've all started at zero.

This module is perfect if you're a beginner or an expert. Doesn't matter. Watch this module, and you'll understand how this will work.


Module 5: "On the Fly," As They Say.

You can create your course quickly or FAST! This even "faster" method creates your products almost instantly. (And, no, it's not AI.)


Modules 6: How Should You Deliver Your Course?

Great Question! This module will show you how to make money from your first course or product!


Module 7: BONUS Features & Ideas

I have SEVEN ideas that have worked well for me (and others) using The D.I.N.A. Method to make products every week, using your products to sell your other products, affiliates, and secret resources that I have hidden for myself until now.


Module 8: Answers to the Most-Asked Questions

Module 8 is small but amazingthe answers to the common questions about The D.I.N.A. Method.

When you've finished Step 2, you are in the TOP 3 PERCENT of people who want to Make Money Online.

Meaning... 97 Percent never, ever get to THAT point..!
But, YOU WILL because the D.I.N.A. Method makes it SO EASY!

This is For YOU!

Top Quality Training

The video coaching is direct and to-the-point. There is NO fluff inside this D.I.N.A. Method.

You will also have the course forever to review it anytime! And any UPDATES are automatically added to your account.

100 Percent Support & Guidance

Bryan provides incredible support, and no one is left behind. If you have any issues, then you are covered.

You'll always have Bryan on your side.

100 Percent Beginner-Friendly & FAST!

This is one of the simplest and beginner-friendly ways to build an online course. You can get started very fast & easily.

Step-by-Step Live Coaching

The entire training consists of 8 modules of video training. You are handheld the whole way and shown what to do step-by-step.


These Are MY Bonuses for YOU!

You'll see Bryan's Amazing Special BONUS when you click the GOLD BUTTON!

Real, honest-to-goodness USEFUL BONUSES that will help YOU and YOUR NEW BUSINESS get to the finish line even FASTER!

Bonus 1
I will be your personal D.I.N.A. Coach for 30 days
Bryan Toder

You get ME as your personal coach! My customers are always STUNNED that I am true-to-my-word, and my help has gotten them fast results! (Value $500-600)

Bonus 2
digital product creation secrets
Digital Product Creation Secrets

You'll discover how to quickly turn your ideas into profitable digital products! (Value $47)

Bonus 3
Product Sales Secrets
Product Sales Secrets

A vital part of any online business is LAUNCHING & SELLING your products and courses! He's my book that explains everything! (Value $57)

Bonus 4
don't Like your voice?!
When You Think You Have a Terrible Voice

How can you make a video when your voice isn't "up to par"? This Bonus will fix that squeaky voice!

(I sell this for $37 online, for you, it's FREE.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I Get Stuck or I Don't Understand What to Do?

Is there anything sent to me?

How Long Does It Take To Make Money?

Is this guaranteed?


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

for 30 Days

Your purchase is backed by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not completely happy with your purchase or my training does not live up to your expectations, contact me for a full, no-questions-asked refund. That’s how confident I am that you will love this course. — Bryan Toder

Bryan Toder

My personal note...

Hi. Just like YOU — I've spent a TON of money (TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars!), traveled to meet the "gurus," bought a TON of courses, and mentorships... *sigh*

Right?! And maybe you've done that, too.

After TEN YEARS of failing at this online business thing, I got my "act together, and I started making sales after a few weeks. Then after a few MONTHS, I started MAKING REAL MONEY.

Making your own products and courses is THE secret to the online business.

My customers, viewers, and subscribers trust me because I KNOW what you're going through now.

Bryan Toder

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