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What the Webinar IS & What it's NOT!

This IS:

  • You'll truly LEARN in this webinar!
  • Found out HOW to make money online.
  • Only 20 persons can get into the Coaching.
  • A REAL way to make a REAL living online!
  • A LIVE webinar. Nothing hidden.

This ISN'T:

  • NOT a "HYPED-UP" webinar.
  • NOT a push-button gimmicky program. This is the SAME program I learned from! — Bryan
  • NOT a lot of information and then you don't know what to do! You WILL have a PLAN of ACTION so you CAN succeed!

Here’s what my customers are saying about this course...

REAL clients of mine who bought Philip's Advanced Traffic Blueprint. 

These are THEIR words and how they've succeeded online with Philip's (and my) help with this ATB program!

Peter Freeman

I Finally Found an Actual Instructor

THANK YOU, Bryan Toder, for leading me to The Advanced Traffic Blueprint!

I finally found an actual instructor in Philip Borrowman...

...after many years and thousands (over $10K) I can stop chasing "Shiny Objects" once and for all.
I just listen... LISTEN to Philip's step-by-step instructions in "Bite Size" modules and... success online at last!

You have never steered me wrong, Bryan. You have earned my trust with your Honest Reviews and I will continue to be your customer for life.

Thanks again, Bryan!

PETER FREEMAN  //  Finally Succeeding Online

Scott Sprouse

Averaging $500+ a Month!

The Advanced Traffic Blueprint gives you the steps needed to build an honest and legitimate online business.

In under 6 months, I've averaged $500+ per month in revenue and that number is rising quickly!

My first $100 day was a jolt that I had never felt before — a sense of accomplishment and acknowledgment that this actually works! Little did I know it would quickly become a frequent occurrence!

UPDATE: Scott is averaging about $3,000 a month now, using the ATB System!

SCOTT SPROUSE  //  Happy ATB Customer

Erica Smith

You Found the REAL DEAL!

The one and only place to learn affiliate marketing. Go ahead, log-off Warrior+ and unsubscribe from all other email lists. Because, if you are reading this, then you have found the real deal.

Warning: There is no fluff here; no magic flip of a button to instant six-figure traffic. What you are getting is, a true education for building an online business from the ground up, genuine training from an experienced coach in Philip, and a supportive community of fellow marketers.

If you are ready for the honest realities of growing a real online presence with true monetary potential, you're in the right place!

ERICA SMITH //  Social Media Marketer


These Are MY Bonuses for YOU!

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Bonus 1
I will be your personal ATB Coach for 30 days
Bryan Toder

Besides having Philip as a coach in your ATB, you get ME as your personal coach! My customers are always STUNNED that I am true-to-my-word, and my help has gotten them fast results! (Value $500-600)

Bonus 2
YouTube Quick-Start
YouTube Quick Start

Get your YouTube Channel up-and-running and start getting VIEWS and SUBSCRIBERS. We'll help you so that YouTube will start PAYING YOU! (Value $47)

Bonus 3
The Video Checklist Goldmine
Video Checklist Goldmine

I made these amazing Video Checklists that will get YOUR YouTube Channel working, and so people can find YOU and YOUR Channel... fast!

19 video checklists so that you can't get "stuck" of not know what to do next! (Value $47)

Bonus 4
What if you don't Like your voice?!
When You Think You Have a Terrible Voice

How can you make a video when your voice isn't "up to par"? This Bonus will fix that squeaky voice!

And, a Bonus for the BONUS! (You'll see!) (I sell this for $67 online, for you, it's FREE.)

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